Brick Building Title Corp

Buying or selling a home is a long process. There’s shopping around, getting appraisals, booking inspections, touring the house, and making an offer. Once your offer is accepted there’s still one more step before you can officially say the sale is final: the closing. 

What is a Closing? 

Closing is the final stage in a real estate transaction. So whether you are buying a new property or selling an old one, closing day is where the property title officially passes from seller to buyer. While it sounds like a simple enough process, it’s an important one because a land title is a legal document that details who officially owns the property. That’s where a title company comes in! Getting the assistance of an experienced title company, like McKesson Title, ensures a smooth closing process and prevents any future legal issues with your property’s ownership.

McKesson’s Closing Checklist

To speed up the closing process and expedite move in, it’s important to understand the steps of a closing. Below, we’ve created a checklist that details the parts of a real estate closing, so you can know what to expect on closing day. 

Real Estate Closing Experts

Whether it’s title insurance, transferring funds or scheduling and finalizing the closing, McKesson Title has over 100 years of title expertise to help. Contact them today to get expert title assistance when buying or selling your property.