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Selling a house for the first time is daunting. There’s real estate agencies to consider, rooms to stage, inspections to schedule and financials to get in order. Add land titles and closings into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a full plate. But, selling a home doesn’t need to be complicated and stressful when you have the expertise of a title company to back you up. Below, we provide tips to ensure a smooth selling process for first-time home sellers. 

Understanding Your House Title

The first step to having a smooth selling process is understanding your home’s title. A house title is a complicated and important legal document that denotes ownership rights of a property. Your house title dictates who has legal interest in the property and affects who is able to sell the property. For example, depending on how the title is held, you may or may not be able to sell the home yourself, without permission from anyone else. Running into this situation when trying to sell your home makes the selling process slow to crawl and can sometimes lead to legal issues if not handled properly. This is why it’s important to consult trained professionals in land titles, like the team at McKesson Title. Consulting a land title professional allows them to help you assess what type of land title you have and if you have legal right to sell the property.

If you don’t have clear title to your home and move forward with the selling process, someone else might be able to argue that they’re the legal owner of the property and that you didn’t have the right to sell the property. This can lead to major legal complications and headaches that you’ll want to avoid to guarantee a smooth selling process. Therefore, the first step to selling your home is understanding your title and the legal rights you have for selling the property. While this sounds like a complicated process, it’s an important one and can be easily explained and handled by the skilled title team at McKesson Title.

Preparing to Close

Once your land title is in order, you’ve prepped the house to sell, and you have an offer, it’s time to think about closing. There is a lot that goes into a real estate closing, which can be overwhelming for first-time sellers. There’s inspections and surveys, tax assessments and scheduling a closing. Luckily, the Closing Department at McKesson Title handles all the processing and even coordinates a time and place for the closing. McKesson Title’s closing team makes the final steps of the selling process easy. They are even flexible in where and when you can schedule your closing, that way it works best for your busy schedule including mobile closings, weekend closings, and after hours closings. 

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