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Title services in Starke County

When residents in Starke County, Indiana, need an experienced land title company, they can trust McKesson Title Corp. McKesson has been family-owned since 1919 providing Indiana residents with a variety of reliable and affordable title services, including title insurance, lien searches and processing, construction loans and closing services. Call McKesson Title at (574) 936-2555!

Title Services in Starke County

Each staff member at McKesson Title Corp. is an expert in land titles. When you work with us for your title needs, you benefit from our client-driven approach. We aim to make each title process as smooth and seamless as possible. We also offer competitive rates, the best-quality underwriters, mobile closings, construction loans and 1031 Tax Exchanges to provide a full range of reliable land title services within Starke County and the surrounding areas. 

Residents & Business Owners In Starke County Trust McKesson Title Corp.

From North Judson and San Pierre to Knox, Bass Lake and Hamlet, Starke County’s 23,000+ residents benefit from the experienced title professionals at McKesson Title Corp. Located in downtown Plymouth and proudly offering title services in Starke County, McKesson Title is a full title agency.

Lien Searches, Processing & General Title Services in Starke County

From simple lien searches and retrievals to more complex commercial real estate searches or construction loans, you can trust the land title professionals at McKesson Title Corp. We also offer free listing reports for plat, deed, assessment sheets and tax reports. Reach out to us today for title searches, title commitments, and title policies.  

Title Insurance

Title insurance covers issues that have occurred in the past, including liens, encumbrances, or problems or errors in the chain of the title. Adequate title insurance protects all parties involved in real estate transactions: buyers, sellers and lenders. Generally speaking, title insurance protects against any negative history attached to a title from affecting those involved in the present.

Construction Loans

When you are planning a construction project, schedule a meeting with the team at McKesson Title so we can help you select the best path to benefit you and your client. Our construction loan services include providing title search updates directly to the lender as well as managing documentation of and payment to all subcontractors. 

1031 Tax Exchanges

Real estate investors can benefit tremendously from 1031 Tax Exchanges. Under the Internal Revenue Code, property owners can take the money from a property’s sale and then reinvest that money in a similar property (property exchange), deferring capital gains taxes in the process. 1031 Tax Exchanges are one of the best kept secrets out there, and McKesson Title proudly acts as a Qualified Intermediary for this service.

Closing Services

From processing and payoffs to convenient mobile closings, McKesson Title Corp. works to benefit you, the customer. Contact us today at (574) 936-2555 or order title work online.