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Title Services in Plymouth, Indiana​

Title Services in Plymouth, Indiana.

Located on the banks of the Yellow River in Marshall County, Plymouth, Indiana, is a growing and lively place. Plymouth is a small city with big plans and an even bigger spirit. The annual Blueberry Festival is a hit across northern Indiana, and the Yellow River Festival brings the community together each year. Plymouth is also home to Opie’s Deli and Brass Rail Restaurant & Lounge. There are many reasons to love Plymouth, from its festivals and community events to its historic downtown. And residents and business owners in Plymouth trust McKesson Title to provide title services, construction loan services, liens and more.

Plymouth’s Professional Land Title Services

For more than a century, McKesson Title has provided land title services to residents of northern Indiana. Whether you need title or escrow services for your Plymouth home or business, McKesson has the professional team and services you need.

Title department: Our title department provides title search services and title insurance. Title insurance will protect you from liens, errors and problems that occurred in the past. If you need a lien search or document retrieval for your title, McKesson has the experienced team.

1031 tax exchanges: These tax exchanges allow buyers to sell their home or building and purchase another while deferring (or avoiding) capital tax gains. Only certain properties and exchanges qualify for this type of tax, so be sure to work with the McKesson team to find out if you qualify.

Closing department: Closing on a real estate investment can be stressful. The McKesson Title team makes it a positive and smooth process for new owners. Talk with one of our closers today to make your journey easier!

Construction loans: Enhance your loan policy with McKesson Title’s construction loan services. If you’re starting a new construction project, our team can manage minimum title search updates for your lender and the payments and documentation for your subcontractors.

Plymouth’s Preferred Title Team

Since 1919, our team has worked with landowners in Plymouth and across northern Indiana. We understand how much your home, business and land mean to you. We work with you to provide the services you need for the projects you’re passionate about.

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