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Goshen is a beautiful city in northern Indiana. Located in Elkhart County, nearly 35,000 Hoosiers call Goshen home. Goshen is a city that prioritizes community and development. The city hosts the Summer Festival, Maple Syrup Festival and River Bend Film Festival each year. In addition, the town features cultural events and celebrations, attracting visitors from surrounding communities. Downtown Goshen also provides charm and a taste of history. But there’s even more to love about Goshen.

Goshen is home to Goshen College, which draws students and academics from around the country and world. Students and residents enjoy Goshen’s many parks and recreation areas, including Abshire Park, Oxbow County Park and Shanklin Park. Additionally, the Pumpkinvine Trail also provides miles of biking and walking space. After outdoor exploration, residents stop at the Southside Soda Shop and Goshen Brewing Company for dinner and drinks. The Electric Brew and Venturi provide additional dining and cafe experiences, garnering much love from local community members. 

Goshen also has rich land and ample properties. Many residents here own property for their homes, businesses and farming. And much of the land has been in the same families for generations. So when property owners need expert title and property law services, they trust the experts at McKesson Title

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Expert Title Services for Your Goshen Property and Home

A title is a legal construct representing someone’s right to a piece of property. You need the appropriate titles when you purchase a new home, land or plot. Additionally, when seeking construction loans, titles are often required. However, there are many barriers to accessing your title. For example, a property deed may be lost or damaged. Fortunately, the title experts at McKesson Title have decades of experience finding and processing titles. Our comprehensive title services include the following:

Additionally, we offer construction loans and real estate closing services. We’ll record all documents, process all necessary information and assist with payoffs and mobile closing. So we’re with you every step of the way as you sell or purchase land, build your dream home and search for titles.

Protect Your Property with Expert Title Services

At McKesson Title, our staff members are legal and title experts. We understand how vital property, land and homes are to the community-oriented residents of Goshen. We take our time getting to know you, your needs and your goals. So when you’re ready for professional title and property law services, contact us to get started.