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Commercial real estate refers to properties that are primarily used for business rather than personal residence. Properties are designed to generate profit through commercial activities. Commercial real estate encompasses a diverse range of property types, including retail spaces, industrial facilities, hotels, apartment buildings, and office buildings. The commercial real estate process can be lengthy and difficult to navigate. However, McKesson Title offers a range of title services to help make your commercial real estate experience an easy one. 

McKesson Title: Commercial Real Estate Services 

McKesson Title Corporation is a family-owned and operated real estate company. Staff members are experts in the field of land title. We strive to provide excellent personal service for every client. Navigating the necessary steps needed to own or possess a commercial property can be tricky, but Mckesson Title Corporation is here to help!

Here are the different title services McKesson Title Corporation offers:

Title Insurance: Title insurance protects buyers and sellers against claims regarding any negative history that may be attached to the property itself. 

Closing Department: McKesson title offers services relating to all aspects regarding closing processes. We ensure that every party has a positive experience while our team works hard to resolve issues in order for a clear title to be delivered. 

1031 Tax Exchanges: A 1031 Tax Exchange indicates that a property owner can sell their property to reinvest the proceeds in ownership in a property exchange. This process defers capital gains taxes in the process. Real estate investors can benefit greatly from 1031 tax exchanges, and McKesson Title Corporation is here to help. 

Title Department: McKesson Title Corporation offers a full range of title search, document and insurance products and other services. From a simple lien search to a construction project, McKesson Title Corporation is your one stop shop for all things property. 

Construction Loans: Bring your construction project to life with a smooth and seamless process at McKesson Title Corporation. 

McKesson Title Corporation: Land Title Agency

McKesson Title Corporation understands how difficult and drawn out real estate transactions can be. We believe in a simpler side of things and make title services stress-free. Whether you are in need of title insurance or construction loans, we are here to make your real estate transactions easy. With locations in both Plymouth and Knox, IN, we strive to provide quality tax services. Contact us today, or visit our website to find out more about our services.