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Located along the Tippecanoe River in Indiana, Winamac is a small town with a lot of history. This is evident in Vurpillat’s Opera House and the Dr. George W. Thompson House. As the county seat of Pulaski, Winamac also features a historic and beautiful courthouse. Many families have been in Winamac for generations, and the town is growing. As more families make the move to Winamac, it’s more important than ever to have access to a title agency you trust. McKesson Title Corp. is proud to provide land title services to Winamac residents.

Winamac's Professional Title Services

Land titles are legally binding documents that declare your ownership of property or land. You have to “clear” the title (prove your ownership and that no other parties have a right to the property) before you can sell your home. Securing a title requires extensive research and documentation, but this is necessary to provide title insurance and other benefits to the seller. At McKesson Title Corp., we’re proud to offer the following title services:

  • Title insurance. Sometimes, the process of selling or purchasing a home can reveal old problems or liens. Title insurance covers the damages or liens that may have occurred in the past. To give you the best title insurance, McKesson Title Corp. will research titleholder interest, current tax information, legal descriptions, liens, judgments and other pertinent information. We can then assist you with lien resolution to insure the proposed real estate transaction.
  • 1031 tax exchanges. If you plan on selling your property and reinvesting the proceeds into a similar property, you may be able to defer capital gains. This is a lengthy and very complicated process, but McKesson’s team is able and ready to take on the challenge of helping you avoid excessive taxation on your sale and in-kind purchase. 
  • Construction loans. When securing a construction loan, lenders require titles. McKesson Title Corp. can provide the minimum title updates, including search and documentation, to fulfill lender requirements. This will help you secure the loan you need to get started on your next big investment

More Than a Century Serving Winamac

As one of the oldest land title agencies in Indiana, McKesson Title Corp. is proud to have more than a century of experience serving customers just like you. We understand that the world of titles can be very confusing. Our staff is experienced at assessing clients’ needs, researching land history, securing titles and providing the additional land title services you need.

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Complete our title work form to order your title work today. McKesson Title Corp. is proud to protect the land and property rights of Winamac residents like you. You can also email us at or call us at (574) 936-2555 to discuss your title needs.